Father’s Day – Part 1

On this Father’s Day, it is only fitting to reflect on those God has called us to Honor (Exodus 20:12) and Obey (Eph 6:1-2). The ones to whom God entrusted us to raise our fathers.

For me, Father’s Day is always a bit bittersweet. Bitter because it brings me to reflect on what I have lost but Sweet because of the riches I gained by being the son of such a godly man.

Today brings to mind my Dad whom I still miss very much. He was a man’s man who loved his family with all of his heart. He taught my brother and I so very many things. He taught us what it looks like for a man to love his wife like Christ loves the church (Eph 5:25-33). He taught us what it looks like to be a one-woman-man (Titus 1:6). He taught us what it looked like to truly become one-flesh with your wife (Gen 2:24; Eph 5:31). (At their death my Papa said he had never seen two people he thought more closely resembled this truth than my parents. He said that they were so much apart of the other that they could not “make a sandwich with out the other one”. And he truly meant this as one of the highest complements he could give. What a heritage.)

He taught us that a real man cares more about others than his own interests (Phil 2:3-4). He taught us that one of the marks of a real man and father was sacrifice for those you love. (My shoes always were in better shape and newer than Dad’s because he would make sure everyone was taken care of and if there were funds left then and only then would he remotely entertain taking care of his needs. And even then it was only after he could not think of anything to lavish on my mother.) He taught me that there is nothing more important than a man’s responsibility to his family (1 Tim 5:8), not a career, not hobbies, not even church! (My dad resigned as a Deacon at our church because it began taking too much time from his training of my brother and I. Not that it mattered when he resigned, like any true servant he kept serving without the title – he was just free of the endless meetings.) He taught us that a real man sacrifices for his convictions.

He taught us how to think through and research jobs you did not know how to do and then tackle them to serve your family. He taught us how to work on cars and build well-houses (boy, my thumbs hurt just thinking about that one!). He taught us how to laugh and enjoy life (One of my favorite pictures is of him laughing and “getting it all over [him]self” as he often said).

He was a man that took seriously the Word of God and tried to guard his steps to walk therein. I watched him vigorously defend the truth, standing his ground no matter the opposition. I also watched him, once convicted of his sin by that same Word in the hands of another brother in Christ, repent in tears for sins both public and private.

He was a man to whom I paid far too little honor when he walked among men and whom I now miss greatly.

I have been so richly and truly blessed to have been his son and I pray that I can live faithfully – thereby honoring his labor and investment in my life which ultimately honors our Heavenly Father.

I love you Dad.


Well, we had another sonogram last night to confirm what the tech saw about a week and a half ago when trying to determine the gender of our precious one and God laughed. Personally I believe he has been having a good chuckle at our situation since the last sono because for all of our wonderful technical gizmos and sophistication some things are still reserved for the mind of God.

As we all peered at the screen as the precious miracle came into view we noticed several things. First, as Mrs. Pauper had been reporting for about a week, this kid is busy! Our wonderful friend Lady J who does the sonograms had to really work to keep up with this child (Houston, I think we may be in trouble here!). Which is wonderful news as to the health of our baby but I think it spells the end of the nice quiet life of books and gentle spirited children in our home.

Second, as Lady J chased this kid and tried and tried to recreate the image she had seen more than a week ago she grew more and more perplexed. Each time she would frame the shot it began to look more and more like girl parts on the screen but since baby would not hold still she just assumed it was the angle or position hiding the telltale signs. However, after shot after shot seemed to show clearer and clearer images of an “inny” not an “outy” Lady J became crestfallen at this turn of events (we seem to be poised to ruin her perfect streak of gender identification on the first sono). By the end of the session she was now 90% sure we are having another precious daughter!

BUT she wants to do another sono in a week, JUST TO MAKE SURE!! ;o)

The Thoughts of a 4 Year Old

After finding out this week that we are most likely having a baby boy this November The Little Pauper had much to think about. She had been proclaiming for the last week or so that she wanted a little sister and so this news left her with a bit of a dilemma. With much reflection by bedtime while they snuggled she told Mrs. Pauper that she truly was excited about having a brother.

“But” she said “is his name really going to be _____ something?”

To which my bride said, “Well, yes his name will be _____ something.”

This news greatly distressed The Little Pauper and she replied, “We are really going to call him ‘_____ SOMETHING!?!’ ”

And the light bulb come on, 2 separate conversations were going on here.

Oh the compassion of a big sister already concerned for her brother! I have to remind myself that for all of her moments of understanding which exceed her years she still is a concrete minded 4 year old. And such a precious, tender-hearted, blessing of one at that!