Two Crosses

There are two crosses that have defined my life. The first is the one on which my Savior died to pay for my sins. This rough, wretched, beautiful, cruel, cursed tree is the punishment due me. Instead of requiring the last drop of wrath from this guilty hateful rebel, the very God whose justice I had transgressed in my murderous treason condesended to pour Himself out in satisfaction of His own Law. Here at the place of the skull outside the walls of Jerusalem heaven touched earth for the redemption of sinners like me and in a garden tomb a short distance away my Lord Jesus became the first fruits of the Resurection to give forgiven sinners hope and assurrance of their own future resurection.

The second cross is located along a highway in central Oklahoma. This cross marks another place where heaven briefly touched earth 16 years ago. It is here that my loving heavenly Father called my parents home to heaven. I loved my parents more than I even understood then. They had introduced me to Jesus and pointed me to him in everyway they could. In God’s providence it was their death that helped me begin to understand the hope of heaven that was already my birthright as a child of God. It was not until I began to understand experientially the deep pain of loss that I began to understand the joyful tears of the old men as they talked of heaven and looked forward to being there. When my Mom and Dad became my “deposit”, if you will, and as I was crushed by their loss – heaven became my real hope for the first time in my life. I understood for the first time the necessity and joyful hope of the Resurection – one I was sure of because Jesus was raised to give us sure hope both in this life and the next.

Two crosses – both reminders of a faithful, sovereign, loving God.

I love you Mom and Dad. I miss you and I am thankful you continued to be God’s instruments of training even in death. I am thankful I WILL see you again. Until then may I be found faithful, I hope you are proud.