1. Gary Taylor

    I loved this. Had no idea your voice was so rich and heavenly.

    Just did some reading in and about Calvin, a very sickly guy with infirmities commonly healed by today’s medicine, but sicker than you and I together. One phrase has captured me, as it will you…”living life fully with one foot lifted awaiting the Master’s call to step Homeward.” Mine is lifted high, ready to step into the presence of that King. (I assume you read my last Wild Gray Goose blog. Set my expectations toward that very same Heaven.

    • The Pauper

      To be fair and honest, the voice on the video is not the Pauper. I believe the preacher is a Dr. Lockridge (sp?) out of California if I remember correctly.

      I did read your latest blog and while I hate that this disease is progressing, I will rejoice with you when our Father calls you home. Although I will miss riding the trail with you on this side of the veil.

      As I am sure you have experienced, my fight with cancer has helped me see how short our time is and the importance of our mission makes our every action of dire urgency. I pray you can wring every last drop out of your days as you invest in your family to leave them a godly heritage. Pour your life into them so that when you beat us to heaven, they will number their days and guard their steps so that they might also hear “Well done my good and FAITHFUL servant!”.

      I am praying for you!
      The Pauper

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