My Debut as a Guest Blogger (sorta)

One of my internet friends, Gary Taylor @ GENDADS, generously used a comment of mine in a post discussing one of the hidden dangers of public “leadership.”

Thanks to TIVO, Carolyn and I completed our interaction on true legacy reported in my last post, then went back to the “60 Minuutes” piece on Nelson Mandela.  What an extraordinary man.  The last 15 seconds spoiled the story, though.    The last few words still has me pondering.

Mandela knowingly sacrificed his children and abandoned them to real suffering to save the “millions who suffered as well.”  I know, sadly, leaders in missions and ministry who were on call to save the world and lost their children.

I got this reply from a friend whose blog, “A Pauper in the Court of the King“.  I urge you to slowly read through his short, deep, clear piece.  What he says is far more central to godly family life and legacy.

“Gary, you raise a very good point. The clear answer from scripture (the example of Eli the priest is a case in point) is that if you fail in your family – you fail period. God never calls a man to win the thousands at the expense of his family. Your first ministry is at HOME and if you fail there you are absolutely disqualified from leadership in the church of the Living God (Titus 1:6, 1 Tim 3:4-5)

The first and primary congregation that a man (EVERY man) is called to pastor and serve is the one born in his own home when he and his bride say “I do”.  To ignore, slight, or fail here is to build with wood, hay and stubble which WILL be borne away in the judgment fire (1 Cor 3:10-15).  To “lead” others without shepherding your own family is merely performing for the praise of men.

May God have mercy on me so that I might be found faithful in my home even if it means being derelict everywhere else. – The Pauper”

GT: “Amen!”


    • The Pauper

      Thanks Jay! I am passionate about this and it has cost me but it is a cost I will gladly pay.

      By the Way – the video you posted for Clergy appreciation month was great, sad that we can caricature this tragedy but it was ironically funny nonetheless.

  1. As your “sorta” post host, I wanted to update you. Been thinking more on “prime pastorate”. Your contribution nudged me–as did several follow-on thoughts–to take it deeper and raise it higher in my book outline. Both you and I are assigned fatherhood. Much more active for you, no less critical for me; now I have children AND grandchildren. Different roles, same assignment. It’s never rescinded. Divorced or widowed you may find a new spouse. Your children and your legacy are “stuck” with how you execute that “forever assignment”.

    • The Pauper

      You are so very correct. How many families are dealing with the devastation from a father who has abdicated his assignment? Our down-line generations are in fact “stuck” with our measly and inadequate efforts. Thank God that he is indeed faithful to take our sinful attempts at faithfulness and redeems the years the locusts have eaten. The key being, our attempt at being faithful. If we abandon his plan and calling then we leave our families open to the ravages of our enemy. May we both be found faithful to stand our posts, remaining vigilant until the end so that by God’s grace we may shepherd our flocks safely into the arms of their Lord, Jesus, and might by some providence hear “well done my good and faithful servant. Enter into the rest of my Father.”

  2. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You 🙂


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