It can be deafening. It can be so palatable that it has its own persona and
presence. It can cause fear. It can bring solace. Silence is an interesting
thing, sometimes we can’t stand it, others we crave it like water in the desert.

Some of you may have wondered where I have been. (Or some of you may be thankful
I have been quiet!) Things around the Pauper’s hovel have been kinda tough
lately. You see the Missus has been on bed-rest for almost a month now as we try
and protect the little one on the way. Needless to say this has made a profound
impact on our household. I have struggled to keep up with all of the needs of
our household much less keep posting here on a regular schedule. So I hope the
faithful few of you who check up on us here will forgive a bit of “sporadic”
with a heavy dose of “by the seat of our pants.” We would also appreciate your
prayers for Mrs. Pauper and our Daughter on the way.

Thanks again for your understanding. I just thought you might like to know the
reason for the silence.

The Pauper

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  1. OK, Got my prayers. You may enjoy the next few blogs when I get back. When you boys or girls reach those “coming out” years, Taylor’s story should give you hope…and ideas.

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