The Hand that Rocks the Cradle….

Amy over at Raising Arrows makes a very good point:

In this day and age children are a hobby. They are part of a bucket list…something to do before we die.

Get a high paying job – CHECK
Visit another country – CHECK
Have a baby – CHECK

Eventually, they are relegated to the status of “pet”, we put them in “quality kennels”, pat ourselves on the back for making such sound decisions, and head off to pursue the next thing on the list.

(Read the rest of this great post HERE)

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  1. First, fine site. I’m struggling to get mine up and ready for prime time, but my old-school developer is having a hard time getting plug in to work. If you have any ideas or referal to your design guy (maybe you?), let me know (

    Also, thanks for “Arrows” site. Very good connection for us, and the post fits our worldview.

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