Well, we had another sonogram last night to confirm what the tech saw about a week and a half ago when trying to determine the gender of our precious one and God laughed. Personally I believe he has been having a good chuckle at our situation since the last sono because for all of our wonderful technical gizmos and sophistication some things are still reserved for the mind of God.

As we all peered at the screen as the precious miracle came into view we noticed several things. First, as Mrs. Pauper had been reporting for about a week, this kid is busy! Our wonderful friend Lady J who does the sonograms had to really work to keep up with this child (Houston, I think we may be in trouble here!). Which is wonderful news as to the health of our baby but I think it spells the end of the nice quiet life of books and gentle spirited children in our home.

Second, as Lady J chased this kid and tried and tried to recreate the image she had seen more than a week ago she grew more and more perplexed. Each time she would frame the shot it began to look more and more like girl parts on the screen but since baby would not hold still she just assumed it was the angle or position hiding the telltale signs. However, after shot after shot seemed to show clearer and clearer images of an “inny” not an “outy” Lady J became crestfallen at this turn of events (we seem to be poised to ruin her perfect streak of gender identification on the first sono). By the end of the session she was now 90% sure we are having another precious daughter!

BUT she wants to do another sono in a week, JUST TO MAKE SURE!! ;o)

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