1. I appreciate your honesty in this post. I too have been struggling with these same issues over the last few years as I have grown as a Christian and sought to “bring” my children to Christ.
    My oldest 2 followed the ABC method of praying that I had been trained to use and have displayed the moving of the Holy Spirit in their lives toward obedience to Christ but my 2nd daughter up until recently felt that she had no need for such dramatics and could handle the “devil” on her own!
    I have continued to pray for the leading and drawing of the Holy Spirit in her heart and life and today she wanted to pray and ask Him to come into her heart….we did….me feeling awkward and trying to lay the foundations of understanding in her heart but doubting the whole process on the way.
    Honestly, I don’t think she’s there. But He is faithful. I continue to pray for my children’s hearts to be soft and tender toward their Savior and that He will open their eyes to SEE Him.
    It has become such a relief to me in recent years to realize that God can work in and through all situations and experiences and that while I must be obedient to His leading and guiding, ultimately it is not about ME but all about HIM.

  2. James

    “However, I keep pressing on teaching my child that “being a child of God” begins with BELIEVING that Jesus is who he claimed to be – God’s one and only begotten son who came to live on earth as a man to die for the sins of his elect and was raised from the dead on the 3rd day by his Father in Heaven. That the proper response to our sin in light of this great sacrifice is to REPENT OF OUR SINS”
    (You can’t repent if you don’t ADMIT)
    “, CONFESSing them and forsaking them as evidenced in our obedience to the commands of God found in the scriptures.”

    The intention of A,B,C’s of Christianity is to make the truths of the gospel understandable to children, as you have so wisely laid out in your own words. Love you brother.

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