The Thoughts of a 4 Year Old

After finding out this week that we are most likely having a baby boy this November The Little Pauper had much to think about. She had been proclaiming for the last week or so that she wanted a little sister and so this news left her with a bit of a dilemma. With much reflection by bedtime while they snuggled she told Mrs. Pauper that she truly was excited about having a brother.

“But” she said “is his name really going to be _____ something?”

To which my bride said, “Well, yes his name will be _____ something.”

This news greatly distressed The Little Pauper and she replied, “We are really going to call him ‘_____ SOMETHING!?!’ ”

And the light bulb come on, 2 separate conversations were going on here.

Oh the compassion of a big sister already concerned for her brother! I have to remind myself that for all of her moments of understanding which exceed her years she still is a concrete minded 4 year old. And such a precious, tender-hearted, blessing of one at that!

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