1. Mandy

    I have not heard about this. I know people have there different views on homeschooling.. but that doesn’t mean that they have to put down public school. Not everyone can homeschool or has the chance to homeschool. I have been in public education for 9 years and love it. It hurts my feelings when people put down public education like it is the worst thing in the entire world.

    • The Pauper

      On a personal level, I am sorry you are hurt. However, this illustrates one of the difficulties of the education issue. We all know 1 or 2 teachers who are great people and we would never want to say anything to hurt or disparage them. So we for the most part remain silent and act like everything is OK with public education when nothing could be further from the truth!

      This does not meant that all of the people involved with public education are evil or have sold their soul to the devil nor does it mean that they are all willing players in this enterprise bent on stealing the hearts and minds of children. This also does not mean that ALL children will become raving atheists if they graduate from a public high school. However, the majority of our children do end up as practical atheists and/or agnostics with a completely secular worldview because of their 13 years being discipled in the secular humanist worldview of the public education system. Unfortunately the truth is a Christian teacher or even 13 consecutive Christian teachers in your child’s classroom cannot undo the worldview from which the curriculum is mandated by law to be written nor can they teach from a biblical worldview (they will fire you promptly if you try). This means that every parent who is sending their child to the house of secular humanistic worship also known as a public school are handing their child over to be taught this same secular worldview for 6-8 hours a day, at least 180 days per year for 13 years, no matter what religion the teacher ascribes in their personal life!

      Now as for the argument that not everyone can or has the chance to homeschool, this argument simply does not stand up to honest scrutiny. Since homeschooling can cost well below the amount spent by most parents in the public school world for uniforms, supplies, before/after school activities and lunches then the argument about cost goes flying out the window. What then of the issue of “having the chance” to homeschool? Well given the number of single parents homeschooling, I really don’t think this one holds up well either. (See Here) The reality is that most Americans are UNWILLING to do what it would take for them to homeschool, after all remaining on the government welfare that is public education is easier. We are unwilling to live on one income in a modest house/apartment, drive one car or ride the bus, drop our cable/internet/cell phones, buy only what we NEED, quit eating from drive-thrus, quit worshiping at the altar of entertainment and sports, or make any sort of serious sacrifice to make this or anything else happen that does not gratify Self. Neither are we willing, for the most part, to undergo the refining fire that homeschooling would bring to our hearts and those of our children which will bring to the surface my hidden sin and force me to either repent and run to God or ignore it and run from him. (Also note that these previous arguments also ignore that there are homeschooling co-ops and/or numerous other one on one opportunities in the homeschool world for those in the very rare situation of having no other way to school as a single parent) All that to say, I have yet to meet someone who CANNOT homeschool but I have met many who WOULD not make the sacrifice.

      In the end we MUST call things the way they are without any equivocation as believers and to say that public education is doing anything less than robbing parents of the hearts and minds of their children is to lie. I realize you don’t agree but I challenge you to at least do what our Alma Mater taught us and investigate it for yourself by reading the book referenced below.

      The Pauper

  2. Debbie

    Would you mind posting a link to your source(s) for the statement “Your child’s TEACHER would be allowed to remain SILENT during instructional time!”? I followed the link to the “Day of Silence” website, but I could not find anything there saying that administrators were allowing such behavior from their faculties. In addition, I visited the GLSEN website and a couple of other sites with information about the “Day of Silence”. I also followed the links to Voddie Baucham’s website, but I could not find any documentation there, either. I am not debating the value of homeschooling or engaging in any type of argument for or against public education. I am simply asking for a resource I can peruse to corroborate your statement. Thanks.

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